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IMPROVE YOUR ODDS Research shows that 90 days of sober living after in-patient treatment may reduce relapse rates by 40%. Camelback Recovery is NOT a treatment center, but rather a structured, drug free environment for men with a common goal. Statistics show individuals who return home directly from a treatment facility have a relapse rate of 90% within their first year; that percentage is cut to 50% after just 3 months of sober living. Overall it appears the longer one remains in a structured transitional living environment, the better their chances are for long-term sobriety.Camelback Recovery is where information and the ability for practical application to real world challenges collide. For the recovering alcoholic/addict, trying to navigate life for the first time in many years without the use of drugs or alcohol is intimidating enough. The safe and sober community that our community affords empowers the recovering individual to assure them that they are not alone in this new journey. Moreover, with the provision of nurturance, guidance, structure, accountability, and additional support networks, Camelback Recovery assists those in early recovery to discover and normalize a new, sober lifestyle and pave the path for long-term sobriety OUR PROGRAM OUR MISSION: Camelback Recovery utilizes the 12-Step program to provide a community for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. Awakening the body, mind and spirit are essential parts of growth for recovery. Getting involved and actively working the 12 Steps is our foundation and is absolutely imperative to our approach at successful recovery. It has been proven by hundreds of thousands of individuals who have recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism that this approach works for anyone willing to work it to the best of their ability. Not only do we implement the principles and traditions of the 12-Step program, but our boutique-style structure also utilizes a combination of physical improvement, spiritual training and self-care which we believe to be most advantageous to successful long-term sobriety. Some examples of Camelback Recovery's program framework are as follows: MORNING CHECK-IN: We begin our day by focusing on our goals and motives for the hours to come. This will be a time to clear our minds, enhance our awareness, and even prevent anxiety, frustration and/or stress from interfering with our daily activities. OUR PROGRAM (cont'd) 12-STEP MEETINGS: It is important for anyone in recovery to stay connected and share their experience, strength and hope with others in the program. SPONSORSHIP: A sponsor is someone who has worked the 12 steps and is willing to take a newcomer under their wing and show them the way through the steps. Guests at our facility MUST find a sponsor, actively work the 12 steps and get a home group with a service commitment. , THERAPY, COUNSELING, AND COACHING: Referrals to professional licensed addiction/mental health counselors are available to provide all therapy needs. In addition, recovery coaching sessions and/or sober companions are accessible options offered at Camelback Recovery to guide each individual through their new life path. EXERCISE AND NUTRITION: To be mentally fit we must also be physically fit. Our program strongly encourages each individual to participate in daily physical activity. Our weekly agenda will include scheduled sessions of yoga, spin, crossfit, and hiking, just to name a few. DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING: To ensure sobriety and safety at Camelback Recovery, we randomly test for drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. EVENING CHECK-IN: Before we retire at night, we constructively review our day.

Treatment approach

  • Intervention

Treatment Options

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Long-term residential
  • Short-term residential


  • 12 Step Program
  • Adult Residential
  • Continuing Care
  • Intervention
  • Transitional housing or halfway house


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  • Adults
  • Seniors or older adults


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

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Google Reviews

  5.0   6 months ago

This place was exactly what I needed. Beautiful homes, excellent staff, and very spacious and tranquil environment. Perfect for doing work. The house chef is a great cook! Highly recommended that you stay here.

  5.0   8 months ago

As a healthcare professional I would absolutely refer my clients to Camelback Recovery for sober living. As you can see the houses are beautiful, clean and located in great areas of the valley. I have been in the health care field for many years and have seen a lot of sober living homes around the valley. I can say that Camelback Recovery really cares about their clients and their return to good health. Making sure their clients go to meetings, they provide a structure and a treatment plan for each individual client for long term success in sobriety. The staff there is also extraordinary. I can honestly say they truly do care about the clients well being and success. My personal experience with them has been nothing but amazing. I've seen my past clients succeed and grow into amazing people from where they once were. I am a firm believer that sober living provides a foundation for long term sobriety. More often than not you'll see a lot of people relapse when they go back home or back to environment where they once used at. I am a huge advocate of sober living and believe treatment for drug addicts and alcoholics needs to go further than just rehab or treatment. I give Camelback Recovery 5 stars!

  5.0   8 months ago

As someone who has been in the recovery community for the better part of a decade, Camelback Recovery stands out among other sober living communities in Phoenix. They are AzRHA certified which means their homes meet a higher standard of safety and security. The program at Camelback Recovery requires clients to not only work a 12-step program but also take positive steps towards living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I am currently employed by Camelback Recovery and the reason I came onboard is because I believe so strongly about the services they offer clients in early recovery. If you are transitioning out of inpatient treatment or you just need a safe environment to learn how to live life one day at a time, Camelback Recovery is always there to help.

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