Heroin Addiction in Scottsdale: Not Only Costly for Users

Heroin addiction is growing at an alarming rate, and it shows in Arizona. According to My Fox Philly, a Scottsdale woman, who admitted she was a heroin addict, was arrested Aug. 17 on charges of stealing a car with a child inside. Her objective in taking the car was to buy drugs. Although the child wasn't harmed, this reckless act shows the lengths people will go to support their drug habit.

Heroin use is growing again in the U.S. at a rate that is worrying authorities. Almost 700,000 Americans used this potentially lethal and illegal drug in 2013. As the number of people taking heroin increases, there will be an inevitable rise in the incidence of heroin addiction. Heroin addiction is particularly difficult to treat because of the potency of this drug.

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Why is Usage Growing?

Despite the efforts of enforcement agencies to stem the flow of heroin into the country, there is more heroin on the streets today than at any time since the drug was banned. There are several factors at play. Drug lords have made manufacturing and distribution more efficient, an ever-increasing number of people are willing to smuggle the drug, and distribution on the streets has been streamlined thanks to cellphones and other modern technology. All these improvements have led to a substantial reduction in price and an improvement in quality. A pack of heroin is now cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

Health Issues

Heroin is highly addictive, but the body also builds up tolerance to it very quickly. This means heroin addicts need to keep increasing their consumption to reach a satisfactory high. Their continual efforts to score more heroin will come to dominate their lives to the exclusion of everything else, including their own personal health, well-being and safety. They can develop serious health problems from malnutrition. Their poor diet lowers their immune systems defensive abilities, and they are prone to many different infections, including potentially lethal ones like pneumonia.

Heroin addiction can be a hard battle to fight, but you don't have to struggle alone. Arizona Narcotics Anonymous holds meetings so that addicts can speak with each other openly about their drug issues and get the vital support needed to stay clean. Call today.

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