Alcohol Treatment Programs in Scottsdale, AZ

Alcohol Addiction is a Debilitating Condition

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism finds that almost 30 percent of Americans will experience some type of alcohol use problem at some point in their lives, while ten percent will exhibit alcohol dependence. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may be one of the millions are addicted to alcohol:

  • Presence of major health issues like cirrhosis
  • Drinking early in the morning
  • Illness without use of alcohol
  • Continued alcohol use despite damage to job or relationships
  • DUI or other alcohol related criminal behavior

If you recognize that you have a problem, then you need to contact one of the Alcohol Treatment Programs Scottsdale, AZ. Once you are enrolled in one of these highly respected programs, you can begin your path back to sobriety. You will remain at the rehab facility for several months, during which you will dry out. While you recover from your addiction, the rehab specialists will work closely with you to ensure you receive the therapies that are most likely to produce lifelong success.

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Using Cutting Edge Rehabilitation Methods, These Alcohol Treatment Programs will Save Your Life

Alcoholism is a lethal condition not only for yourself but for your loved ones and even strangers who you may come in contact with. In the U.S., almost 26,000 people die annually from alcohol related health issues, while almost 10,000 people die from traffic accidents where a driver was intoxicated.

To help save your life and limit the risks to those around you, the alcohol treatment programs in Scottsdale, AZ will use the latest medications to help patients through the detoxification of alcohol and instill a distaste for intoxication. These drugs include naltrexone, which eliminates the high from alcohol use, and disulfiram which induces illness from alcohol consumption.

Treatment will Include Many Methods Like Counseling and Behavioral Modification

There are a wide variety of psychoanalytical treatment methodologies which can be used to treat your alcohol addiction. One of the most effective of these is cognitive behavioral therapy which modifies your reaction to certain social triggers. Under the guidance of your therapist you will learn to avoid situations which may tempt you into a relapse. You will recognize external and internal signs of a potential relapse and develop strategies to counteract your addiction compulsions.

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Rehab Professionals will Equip You with the Skills to Maintain Your Sobriety

While alcoholism is likely to be a lifelong struggle, with the assistance of your rehab team you can be confident that you will be prepared to handle almost any situation. You will be encouraged to participate in support groups, work one on one with a counselor, and find alternative and healthier pursuits like sports, art or recreational activities. The longer you go without alcohol and find joy in clean living, the more likely the craving for alcohol will diminish.

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