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The field of alcohol and drug detox is undergoing significant changes as new discoveries are being made in addiction science. One of the most outstanding developments in recent years has been the mapping of the human brain, which allows scientists to better understand the effects of alcohol and drug use.

With greater insight into physical and mental processes surrounding addiction, the detox experts at Scottsdale rehab facilities have been able to produce more impactful programs which yield quicker results that can be sustained over longer periods of time. These highly effective treatment programs boast impressive success rates.

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Teams at Scottsdale Rehab Centers Collaborate to Create Effective Detoxification Programs

The important advances in addiction recovery are of little value if detoxification specialists fail to incorporate them into their programs. The drug rehabilitation specialists in Scottsdale, AZ work diligently to use these scientific breakthroughs to help their residents achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

Working with leading medical professionals and psychotherapists, the detox facilities design therapies that reduce the hardships of withdrawal, solidify effective addiction avoidance strategies, and instill a desire for clean living.

Medication is Used to Dramatically Lessen the Effects of Withdrawal

Some of the greatest breakthroughs in addiction science have been in the development of medications which treat withdrawal symptoms and lessen cravings for drugs or alcohol. The leading detox facilities at Scottsdale Addiction Treatment employ a robust regimen of these pharmaceuticals which include acamprosate, naltrexone, and disulfiram. The use of these prescription medications is closely monitored by highly trained medical personnel.

Individual and Group Counseling Removes any Illusions about Why You Use Drugs and Alcohol

In addition to medical detox therapies, you will also be involved in group and one-on-one counseling which will shed light on your addiction. You will encounter others who are treading a similar path to sobriety and gain insight into your own self-destructive behavior.

As you learn more about how you harmed yourself and those around you, you will also acquire skills to reduce the likelihood of using drugs and alcohol again. Based on a greater understanding of your addiction psychology, you will learn how to avoid common triggers and how best to react if you are on the verge of a relapse.

You will be Placed with Support Groups to Ensure Sobriety

One of the most powerful resources you will find are the support groups like AA or NA. Having a sponsor who you are accountable to will encourage you to remain clean. With the support of friends and family, you will be able to share your challenges and struggles so as to better cope with the temptations of life. Finally, you will always have available to you counselors and community agencies who can intervene if you feel overwhelmed with a desire to use again.

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