Residential Addiction Treatment

Get on the road to recovery with residential addiction treatments in Scottsdale

The journey from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery is unique for every person, making the need for treatment customized to one's specific needs vital. At Scottsdale a residential addiction treatment center, they take the time to understand your full addiction story so they can create a treatment plan that offers you the greatest success of recovery.

Through a comprehensive physical and psychological exam, they will assess your inpatient treatment options and which program length is best for your needs. While some residential addiction treatment programs last 28-30 days long, this time period can be stretched to 60 days or more depending on an individual's situation. The very first step of the rehabilitation process is undergoing a medical detox. Detox in a rehab center provides you a safe place to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Because withdrawal can sometimes come with unpleasant and life-threatening side effects, depending on the substance used, you should never attempt to detox on your own.

Compassionate and skilled medical staff will be with you every step of the way to get through the physical and psychological hardships of the detox process. A medical team can also administer medication to keep your withdrawal symptoms to a minimum and help you stay as comfortable as possible.

Starting the Inpatient Addiction Rehab Process

Once you have completed the detox phase, it will be time to begin the rehabilitation portion of your stay. This phase is crucial, as many addicts who leave rehab after only completing the detox process have a high rate of returning to drugs and/or alcohol. Rehabilitation teaches you crucial information about addiction, how drugs and alcohol have affected your brain, how to prevent relapse and more. In addition, you will learn why you turned to addictive substances in the first place, and learn how to recognize your triggers or stressors.

A main component of inpatient addiction rehab in Scottsdale is therapy. From individual, group, cognitive behavior, and family therapy, you will be introduced to a variety of healthy coping skills to incorporate into your new addiction-free lifestyle. Many people find therapy helps them better deal with any anger issues, negative emotions, and unresolved issues from the past. It is a way to work through past events that have had a harmful effect over your life.

Depending on your needs, your residential addiction treatment program may also be comprised of alternative and holistic modes of therapy such as equine, art, music, and nature therapy. In addition, there may be a focus on health, diet, nutrition and physical activity, as many people in rehab are deficient in nutrients.

Inpatient rehab also offers you the opportunity to meet other men and women who are on a similar journey. In time, you can offer support and encouragement to one another as you continue to walk the road to recovery.

Other rehab activities might include seminars, listening to educational speakers onsite, lectures, group activities and more. Speak to an enrollment counselor at Scottsdale residential addiction treatment centers to learn more about what to expect during your inpatient rehab experience.

Life After Residential Rehab

Your rehab process doesn't end after your residential addiction treatment program is over. Many studies suggest that addiction can cause psychological effects that can last as long as two years after becoming sober. Plus, depending on your specific situation, you may continue on with outside one-on-one therapy after rehab, or take medication if a dual-diagnosis is present.

Maintaining sobriety will require ongoing support and encouragement. Many men and women find this support through aftercare services, taking part in 12-step programs, finding a sponsor, or staying in a sober living facility for a period of time to readjust to regular life. If you decide a sober living home is not for you, there are many community groups and 12-step programs in Scottsdale for you to join once you complete residential rehab.

If you are ready to break free from addiction and begin a new life, call 480-739-1175 to learn more about inpatient addiction rehab in Scottsdale. A team is waiting to meet you and help you begin your journey to sobriety.

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